Hey, lately transparency really fascinated me. Moreover it's the word. We used to learn, to read people, to see through them one the one hand because of their appearance (what they wear) and of their behavior (the facial expressions and their gesture). My point is, to try not to label persons because of how they look like.
So, my first experience with people who looked at me very, very strange, is when I am not dressed like them or walk in high heels during the day and on working days. It's sometimes very hard to put oneself into someones position, because I try not to label persons. But we have to live with that.

I thought maybe I could transfer this personal impression into a visual impression. It's funny, what you can do with clothes and it gets very interesting when you try to explain why you were certain things. So the introduction before was the reason maybe, why I wear the transparent bag, the more or less transparent maxi!

TOP from Asos, MAXI SKIRT from Nasty Gal, BLAZER from H&M Conscious Collection

TRANSPARENT BAG from Asos, HEELS from Alexander Wang, NECKLACE from Thomas SaboSorry for the lack of posts. Had to work a lot now, because I have two jobs, I also meet with a lot of friends and have to plan my travels :D (which I am excited to!!). 

When I'm tacking some breaks I love to enjoy my hometown at it's best ---> going to a place somewhere, to have a view over the city! Ah, it's so wonderful and let me think about life, meaning of life and more philosophical stuff haha.

So, to my look: it's more spring weather here, I love spring colors and I wear spring colors! This shade of green is so wonderful fresh, the white is so perfectly clear and pure - felt so good these days :). 

Hope you like it <3

xxx Victoria

TOP from H&M

It's summer but the weather seems to change day to day - so I have to change my clothes to and it really looked like it was autumn only the light looks like summer.

Love it to wear really comfortable clothes and so I decided to wear this  wonderful cable knit from Zara. I also love the neutral colors and so decided to wear everything from on color palette.

Hope you like it! :)

CABLE KNIT from Zara     SKIRT from H&M   TOP from H&M

SHOES from FINSK    NECKLACE from Thomas Sabo   BACKPACK from ASOSRed & Pinks always will be my favorite colors. Have a lot of time right now, because school is finished and I should keep on with applying for college.

These pink pants I got from ZARA almost two years ago and they are sooo comfortable. Since then I only bought pants from ZARA or from brands like Seven for all mankind. I also had H&M pants but they didn't keep that long in good condition.

So, I'm ready for some party now :) hope you have a good day today!

Much love,

Victoria xx

Sweater from H&M // Pants from ZARA// Top from H&M

Bag from GABRIELE STREHLE // Heels from ZARA



Buy heels here:

White - is the perfect color this summer, do you think so too?
My outfit only consists of nearly the same white, the skirt, my blouse and some parts of the heels.

Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of post lately.
I got my wisdom teethes out and due to that I weren't able to post anything, because then it would look quite odd with my hamster chops. It got fine very fast and my chops even didn't got colored like they normally do. So, if you're going to let your wisdom teethes get out you really should listen to the advices of the doctor. And then everything will go fine, I promise!

Coming to the main point, my outfit:

When I were in bed I felt like I have been getting 15 years younger, because I couldn't do anything then lying in bed! Maybe my subconsciousness wanted to wear baby colors therefore? Well, quite strange explanation.

Here, it was really hot and I wanted to wear fresh colors, so I went to mint and pink again! I love flower prints and these shorts, because they have the perfect cut (they're not to long) and they're supporting the environment as well, because they are made of recyclable material!
Well, this is one argument why I love H&M so much.

Later the day, I went to a bar with my sister and my boyfriend to watch the soccer game, Portugal against Spain! It was veeeery boring in my opinion and comparing to other games of the EM!

So, that's enough, back to work now :).

Love, Victoria

My video of the week is out now! It shows all the outfits, I already posted. Hope you like it <3

This is today's outfit. It's really hot right now and tomorrow it's my final exam. So happy that it's over.

The wooden blouse is very transparent, but on the pictures you can not see :( and I compared it with leopard printed shorts. It's some kind of a "nasty" look.

Maybe because I bought it at the Nasty Gal online store?

Much love,


Here's the video

Heyy my loves! Have a surprise, tomorrow or this evening!
Needed some time out, because I am so busy with the last exam, but soon I'm finished and then I will do a lot, lot lot of posts.

SHIRT from Nasty Gal // SHORTS from PRIMARK

HEELS from Alexander Wang // CLUTCH from ZARA

Buy shirt here:

I'm so happy that it's weekend. My weekend started a bit later, because I worked the whole afternoon - but let's come to my outfit. I'm wearing a flower dress with one of my favorite pair of heels right now: the "Saure" Heels from Senso.

I bought it last year and now it's available in pink at my favorite online shop Nasty Gal.

DRESS from Romwe // SWEATER from H&M

"SAURE" HEELS from Senso (Nasty Gal) // NECKLACE from Cheap Monday // CLUTCH from FAA // BRACELET from Romwe

Buy Heels here:

 Leather Pants always look so chic and I love to wear them, because they're like a second skin and are also wearable for every occasion.

Combined it with a flower blouse and a white, structured leather vest.

VEST from FAA // BLOUSE form H&M // LEATHER PANTS from H&M Trend

HEELS from H&M for Marni // BRACELET from COS
I got this trenchcoat in Florence in a H&M Store. It's ironic to buy things at H&M because Italy has much more to offer, but unfortunately my portemonnaie doesn't allow me to buy anything like that.

Like you may noticed, I love to wear contrasts and play with colors. For example I'm wearing the night blue trench with a bordeaux leather bag. The leather bag is more simple but has this strong red and the trench has a very individual cut but this calm color.

TRENCHCOAT from H&M Trend // LACE-UP SHIRT from Nastygal // PANTS from ZARA

LEATHER BAG from Gabriele Strehle, BELT from Salvatore Ferragamo, LITAS from Jeffrey Campbell


Finally realized that I'm really busy with my last exam but also looking forward to three months of doing nothing unless blogging, traveling, going out with friend and so so so looking forward to my next trip to New York in September, yeah! :D

Today I feel like I have to wear something very colorful. I didn't want to wear something to bright, like yellow, red or orange so I decided to mix two calm colors: mint and lilac.

I really love this combination, is more or less unusual for me to wear this.

SWEATER from American Apparel // MIDI SKIRT from Nasty Gal 

NECKLACE from H&M // METALLIC CLUTCH from Marc Jacobs // CECILIA HEELS from Alexander Wang

Availabe here:

Last day in school - strange feelings. Should I feel happy that I've just finished one chapter in my life or should I feel sad because everything will change?
It is a little bit of both, on the one hand I feel happy because I am looking for a new perspective and also want to start with studying, finding new friends and move in another city with a different mentality but on the other hand I feel a little bit sad because it was a very beautiful time in school.

I am wearing light neon pants with a flower mesh sweater, a key necklace (I've already own for three years yeah!) and pink/nude shoes. My art teacher said to me, that I look like I am going out. She should see me, when I am going out and that outfit I will surely post into my blog :D.

SWEATER from Romwe // PANTS from ZARA

NECKLACE from Thomas Sabo // HEELS from H&M TrendSo, so, so excited for summer these days because as I mentioned our weather still doesn't get better. This affects my outfit decisions and therefore I wore those orange summer blazer with a white blouse, beige shorts and geometrical high-heels.

I'm also in love with this laptop clutch, which I'm using as a "going-out" clutch.

What do you think?


CLUTCH FROM ASOSThis outfit I was wearing on Thursday, while I was on my way to help friends as background actress for their fashion magazine promotion.

In Stuttgart our weather changes every couple of hours and it is very hard to decide, what to wear because we have moderate temperatures but lots of wind and often rain in the last days. Therefore I decided to wear the right shoes, which are so perfect for rain and breezy clothes which are perfect for the moderate temperatures.

To make the outfit a little bit more interesting, I decided wearing a lot of jewelry would be the perfect solution.

Top H&M // Skirt bought in MILAN

Necklace bought in ISTANBUL // "Beaton" Bag BURBERRY // Lita Boots JEFFERY CAMPBELL // Bracelet H&M and pink ones LES CLEAIS

Quite in love with beige shades and maxi skirts. At the moment I'm quite busy with studies, so I went to Starbucks to learn a little bit, then went home shot these pictures. This outfit is very comfortable and an outfit, perfect for the day. I was wearing a no name maxi skirt, a blouse by ZARA, the vest is by H&M Conscious Collection, bag by Gabriele Strehle, Litas by Jeffrey Campbell.

Yesterdays outfit. Went out the house, forgot my keys, went to my sisters house, but figured out that she also doesn't have keys for my house. Fortunately some friends were going out and I decided to go with them. My day outfit turned out to be my night outfit, which was a little distracting for me.

Blouse: H&M Trend // Shirt: H&M // Pants: ZARA

Bag: ZARA // Shoes: ZARA // Necklace: H&M

Day 4 in Marina di Castagneto: We were at the beach the whole day, get tanned, hear music and at night we've been again at the beach ad ate pizza and a lot to talk to. Pictures are coming in the next post .

Dress: FAA, Bag: Zara, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Maybe all of you know Alexander Wang. His design is so modern and I love how he works with shapes, especially geometrical forms.

I don't know why but somehow I love to take photos of shoes and I had the luck to buy and to get three pairs of his last collections.

l.t.r.: Cecilia, Constance, Cecilia

Constance Heels in grey texture

Cecilia in bordeaux/red

I am absolutely looking forward to my next trips the next months. Today I am going to Tuscany, where I can enjoy the best italian pasta, the sun and have a relaxing time.

To be in travel mood, I took my old travel pictures from last year and voilà I found these incredible Ibiza pictures. I am also looking forward to go there this year again - it's the best island ever, so if you're planning to go there I really recommend this! You will enjoy everything there, it's such an amazing island with its uniqueness.

For some memories and impressions:

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